What’s new in Serre Chevalier for winter 2018/19?

It’s the middle of summer, but we’re already looking forward to skiing in Serre Chevalier this winter.

The resorts opening weekend will be from 07 to 09 December 2018 and then will open continuously for the winter season from 15 December 2018 until 22 April 2019.

serre chevalier

Fun in SErre Chevalier

New Chairlift for Villeneuve

A brand new 6-person high-speed chairlift will be replacing the original ‘Cote Chevalier’ chair, thanks to a €10 million investment. This will make it much easier to get from the Villeneuve ski area to Chantemerle. It will also be much faster with the new lift moving up to 3000 skiers per hour instead of 1800 at present.

The base station of the new Cote Chevalier chair will be located below the Frejus chairlift and the top station will remain in the same location.

new chairlift serre che

The new Cote Chevalier charlift

New cryotherapy centre in Briançon

The new ‘Go Cryo’ centre will become the first ‘whole body cryotherapy’ (WBC) facility in Serre Chevalier Briançon.

Created by Leo Meyer, who is an osteopath with 20 years’ experience, ‘Go Cyro’ will enable sportsmen and women as well as the general public benefit from this innovative and highly effective treatment.

Cryotherapy has long been used by elite athletes, and is well known for its effectiveness in a wide range of sports, as well as general good health and well-being.

It is increasingly recognised by the medical profession with advantages for optimal recovery and increased physical performance. Cryotherapy can help reduce symptoms with joint and neurological diseases such as polyarthritis, multiple sclerosis and osteoarthritis. It is also useful in helping post-surgical and post-traumatic recovery, as well as helping with skin diseases, sleep problems, depression, and vascular problems.

Following extensive research, ‘Go Cryo’ have installed an electric chamber, which allows whole body immersion as opposed to liquid nitrogen cryogenic saunas. Users can expect temperatures between -80° C and -100° C with a session lasting around 3 minutes.

go cryo briancon

Go Cryo Briancon

Events in Serre Chevalier 2018/19

There’s plenty going on throughout the season during this winter season, but two events to look out for include:

Grand Prix de Serre Chevalier, 16 March 2019
This winter will see the third edition of the Grand Prix de Serre Chevalier and you can expect it to be madness on the snow, as over 1500 skiers and snowboarders take part. Expect a dozen fun events including speed tests scheduled through the day and across the ski area.

Altitude Jazz Festival, 19 January to 01 February 2019
Great music and parties, but watch out for some surprises along the way.

Grand Prix de Serre-Chevalier

Catered Chalets in Serre Chevalier

If you’d like free impartial advice on the finding the right chalet for you in Serre Chevalier this winter, then please contact our friendly team on 01822 617 761.

In particular you might be interested in trying Club Med Serre Chevalier, which was very popular with our clients last season. Having everything included in the price, from flights, transfers, accommodation, meals, drinks, ski hire, lessons and lift passes makes it so much easier to budget the cost of your holidays.


Club Med Serre Chevalier

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