Seven of the Worst Ski Crashes You’ll Ever See…

We’ve all had wipe-outs in our time in the mountains, but some ski crashes are worse than others.

The Chaletline team recently took a vote in the office and picked these seven ski crashes as the worst we’ve ever seen.

Please be mindful that some of these will have you seriously worrying for the participants! To our knowledge, no-one in these videos was seriously injured (meaning broken limbs at worst…).

1. The gap jump that didn’t quite come off

2. The bad landing

3. The naked wipe-out

4. The box

5. Not actually a crash, but blimey…that was close!

6. One for any parents who’ve shouted ‘Do a pizza!’

7. if you go down the woods today…make sure you know where you’re going!


Article by Iain Martin

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