5 Favourite French Cheeses from the Alps

Charles de Gaulle is alleged to have once claimed that “A country that produces 365 kinds of cheese is ungovernable.”

But what cheese lover could complain about the wonderful choice of cheeses you can enjoy the French Alps?

If you’ve taken a ski holiday in France, you’ve probably tried many of these cheeses, in energy-rich dishes such as tartiflette, fondue or raclette.

All of these cheeses are AOC (Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée) which ensures that only cheap imitations cannot be produced.

Have a look at our list and let us know what you think

Our Five Favourite French Cheeses

Le Chevrotin de Savoie

Goat’s cheese is often underrated, but Chevrotin is an aromatic, soft cheese. It is only made by hand and with the same methods as Reblochon.

Le Chevrotin de Savoie – AOC 2002 – AOP (Northern Alps)

Reblochon de Savoie

Despite its name ‘Reblochon de Savoie’ was actually first produced in the Haute Savoie, near La Clusaz.

The name dates back to the 13th century as a way for farmers to avoid paying too much tax by holding back milk until after the assessors had been.

Reblochon de Savoie – AOC 1958 – AOP (Northern Alps)


This might be our favourite of our favourites! Beaufort is perhaps the most famous Alpine cheese, made from cow’s milk that roam the pastures of the eponymous region, close to Bourg St Maurice, Les Arcs and La Rosiere.

Only Tarine and Abondance breeds can produce Beaufort and production is limited to 5000 litres a year.

Beaufort – AOC 1968 AOP (Northern Alps)


Milk for Comté production must come exclusively from the Montbéliarde breed, and the cheese ripened for at least four months, while the best Comté might even mature for a whole year.

It is a fragrant cheese which becomes stronger as it ages.

Comté – AOC 1952 – AOP (Jura)


One of the oldest French cheeses, Gruyère was first made in the 13th century in the Jura mountains, near Geneva and Verbier.

You can spot Gruyère due to its distinctive cherry-sized holes and fruity taste.

Gruyère – AOC 2007 (Jura)


We all have our favourites – let us know on Facebook what you think of our list.

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