Evergreen Lodge Hotel
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Prices and availability last updated: 3:11am Tue 22nd Jan 2019

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Duration: 1 week | 2 weeks
Sat 9th Feb '19Sat 9 Feb
£1,819.00 pp    (11 nights)
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Wed 13th Feb '19Wed 13 Feb
£1,445.00 pp
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Wed 20th Feb '19Wed 20 Feb
not available
Wed 27th Feb '19Wed 27 Feb
not available
Wed 6th Mar '19Wed 6 Mar
£1,321.00 pp
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Sat 9th Mar '19Sat 9 Mar
£1,724.00 pp    (11 nights)
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Wed 13th Mar '19Wed 13 Mar
£1,332.00 pp
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Sat 16th Mar '19Sat 16 Mar
£1,691.00 pp
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Wed 20th Mar '19Wed 20 Mar
£1,288.00 pp
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Sat 23rd Mar '19Sat 23 Mar
£1,662.00 pp    (11 nights)
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Wed 27th Mar '19Wed 27 Mar
£1,217.00 pp
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Sat 30th Mar '19Sat 30 Mar
£2,561.00 pp    (11 nights)
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Wed 3rd Apr '19Wed 3 Apr
£1,668.00 pp
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Sat 6th Apr '19Sat 6 Apr
not available

Ski Chalet Group Discounts

Group discounts may be available in this property for groups consisting of 10 or more passengers. Discounts vary depending on the total party size, departure date, airline/flight route and accommodation chosen.


We would be happy to provide you with an accurate quote for you group - just give our sales team a call on 01822 617761


Prices and availability are indicative only and are usually per person for 7 nights (unless otherwise indicated) based on the standard occupancy of the largest/cheapest room. Most holidays include flights, transfers, & accommodation on a catered basis. Where flights/transfers are not included we try to make this clear.

Supplements may apply to the base price we have shown (e.g. room and/or flight supplements). Parties of 7+ may earn a group discount (see table below). The tables are for guidance only and reflect maximum reductions that may apply. Discounted/late offer holidays tend not to earn group reductions. Finally, note that most flights charge for ski/board carriage. Please contact Chaletline to confirm availability and receive a full quote. For more information please refer to our Terms and Conditions.