10% Discount on Snow Chains for Chaletline customers

If you are driving out to the Alps, then taking snow chains with you is a must.

We are delighted to announce that we have negotiated a 10% discount on the purchase of snow chains from www.snowchains.com for all Chaletline.co.uk customers.

Simply quote ‘CHALETLINE’ when you book by phone on 01732 360638.  Or if you want to book online you will automatically receive the 10% discount.

polar snowchains

Snowchains are an essential part of any trip to the Alps

You may not need them during your trip, but you can’t afford to be in the position when you do need them and don’t have them.

In some cases, local authorities even make use of snow chains compulsory, so it is your responsibility to carry them.


Buy or to rent in advance

Don’t wait until you get to the Alps.  It’s not necessarily cheaper and there is no guarantee that local suppliers will have the right chains for your vehicle in stock.  Imagine travelling all that way, then not being able to drive the final few miles to the resort.

You can either buy or rent from the UK.  Snowchains.com offer a wide variety of options for both rental and purchase.

Happy and safe driving!

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