Ischgl invests 17 million euros in new lifts & developments

Ischgl in the Austrian Tyrol, has announced plans for €17 million of new investment for next season.

The famous Austrian resort has already started on the work for the 2017/18 winter season. These include a new six-seater chairlift, a new reservoir to provide water for snow-making and the refurbishment of the Alp Trida mountain restaurant.

This contrasts with the investment by St Anton, another Tyrolean resort. Together with Lech & Zurs, St Anton invested €46 million in new lifts last winter to connect the Arlberg ski area.

Investment is essential for ski resorts such as St Anton and Ischgl. Tourism and revenues generated from skiing is the main part of the economy. Locals often buy bonds issued by resorts for financing.

In Ischgl shareholders have waived dividends to allow profits to be reinvested in the resort.

New 6-seater chairlift

The Palinkopf lift opened in 1973 and was replaced by a two-seater chairlift in 1985. It was upgraded to a four-seater chairlift in 1996. This summer, after having transported around 12 million skiers, it will be replaced by a new Doppelmayr six-seater chairlift.

The new lift will have heated seats and hoods that can be lowered to protect skiers and snowboarders from the weather. The hoods will also be decorated with images of some of the many starts who have featured in Ischgl’s famous ‘Top of the Mountain’ season-opening and season-closing concerts.

The new Palinkopf lift is expected to be ready to go live in time for the new winter season of 2017/18.


Environmental Considerations

The construction of the new lift has been managed to minimise the impact on the environment as much as possible. There will be fewer pylons for the new lift.

Another change the resort is making is to remove 400m of avalanche retaining wall and replace it with a remote-control system for triggering preventive avalanches.

The current chair itself will be recycled as it will be disassembled and exported for use at a ski resort in Scandinavia.

New water reservoir
Ischgl already has excellent artificial snow cover, with generation powered by a main tank of 32,000 m3.

However, the current location needs to be upgraded and a new location for a reservoir with a capacity of 52,000 m3 near the old site has been found so that the water can be connected easily to the existing network without a large amount of new excavation work.

Intensive research has shown that the new Viderböden site is very safe from a geological point of view, according to a precise look at subsurface core samples.

The new reservoir will be heart-shaped – symbolising the heart of the snow generation system in Ischgl.

From next winter 2017/18, it will become the main source of water for artificial snow-making in the resort.  Work has already started and the cost of development will be in the region of €4.5 million.

Alp Trida Restaurant
The final development that Ischgl will manage this summer is the renovation of the Alp Trida mountain restaurant, located at 2263m.


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